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myWorkbench 6.0 6.0

myWorkbench 6.0 6.0

myWorkbench 6.0 Publisher's Description

The most full featured file manager for the PalmOS(R)

myWorkbench is robust and advanced PalmOS® application file manager. myWorkbench lets you manage databases in RAM and files on the external card such as SD/MCC, Compact Flash and Memory Stick. In addition to the basic file management functions myWorkbench also does backup (compress files) and restore databases from the external card, launch applications from ram and anywhere on the external card, maintain lists of orphaned databases, play wave files (only on the Palm® Tungsten T), manage media type files, automatically save deleted database and applications to the card (PalmOS® 3.5 and 4.x only), Hex view database records, Send databases using BlueTooth®, zip and unzip database and files on the card and many more features.

  • Supports PalmOS® 5.0 320x0320 high resolution
  • Supports Sony® Clie NX series 320x480 resolution
  • Supports Sony® Clie Compact Flash with driver
  • Now supports SnapperMail. You can send any files to SnapperMail and view JPG images directly from
  • SnapperMail for PalmOS(R) 5 only.
  • View JPG files from the external card for PalmOS5.0
  • Launch application from RAM and anywhere on the card (Launching on the card only on OS5.0 and higher)
  • Split view of files and folders.
  • Single detail view of files and folders.
  • Sort on application Creator, Type or file size (ascending and descending)
  • Soft reset your device
  • Copy and Move files from folder to folder within a card
  • Supports copying the following file extensions: .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .png, .txt, html, .doc, .xls, .pdf, .pqa, .zip, .exe, .com, .dll, .wav, mpeg and mp3.
  • View and change file attributes
  • Beam files from RAM and from card
  • Beam received files are automatically stored on the card.
  • Backup and restore files from the card, optionally compressed.
  • Compress files using ZLib. Lightning fast on PalmOS 5.0
  • View application, databases or all files
  • Maintain orphaned databases. This is useful to get rid of databases that take up extra memory.
  • Play wave files on the Palm Tungsten T®
  • Media type file manager to manager file extensions.
  • magicBin to save deleted database and applications to the card for backup
  • Hex view any database records and view the bitmap and play wave resources
  • Ascending and descending sorts
  • Modify myWorkbench color scheme
  • Use MultiMail plugins to view .doc, .h, .c, .text, .cvs and .html files.
  • Export directory listing to MemoPad application. Startup/shutdown sony for Palm Tungsten and Sony Clie
  • Startup/shutdown pictures
  • Colorful icons

    6.0 Features
  • Added support for NVFS on the Treo650 and T5
  • Added FTP client
  • Minor bug fixes

  • 5.7 Features 1. fixed the problem copying and moving files from the card to ram in single view. folders that are selected to copy or move will do othing.
    2. Added new item in the preference to use quickView as the jpg viewer. if you uncheck this myWB will use the default jpg viewer that is registered.
    3. Added wavPlayer. you can play wav file tap selecting the file then the Music icon in the tool bar.
    4. Better exchange manager support. if you are viewing files on the card you can double tap any file and myWB will try to send the file to the destinated application. For example if you install the wavPlayer.prc and when you double tap on any wav file myWB will send the file to wavPlayer for playing. Before you do this make sure wavPlayer is the default application to play wav files.
    5. now includes the correct jpg viewer.
    6. Supports sending files to Treo(R) Mail

    Whats new in version 5.5?
  • Tiny font support for PalmOS5. More space to view
  • Theme preference added
  • Added addition color scheme for file date and size
  • Added compress/uncompress and delete Trashcan from destkop
  • Scroll position is not maintained
  • Better hexviewer with deicmal and hex offsets
  • Better text viewer with Tiny font support
  • Integrate wave/mp3/ogg with LightWav and PocketTunes(tm)

  • Whats new in version 5.4?
  • Updated JPG Viewer. Now faster scrolling
  • Can now compress files during autobackup
  • Added Find and Replace

  • Whats new in version 5.3?
  • Updated JPG Viewer with support 360 degrees drag for all devices. the JPG viewer is only functional with myWB.
  • Added support for Palm Zire21
  • Added support for Internal card on the Sony UX. there is no icon on mywB desktop to show it. it will be in the volume popup in the explorer window
  • In the Restore backup screen. The most recent automatic daily backup copy will be hilited. if you want to restore the most recent copy then tap on the hilite copy and hit Restore button.
  • Fixed the zipping problem.
  • Wallpaper should work alot better.
  • Removed the SMS/Bluetooth checkbox in the Prefs. when you beam a file you will have to select Beam or Send. Sending will prompt you use sms/bluetooth if your Palm have these features.
  • When you double tap on a file on the card myWB will try to launch the file using exchange manager. eg: if you tap on a .txt file mywB will send the file to the MemoPad or whatever the default app it is set to receive .txt files. If you have a T3 with docToGo myWB will send the .doc file directly to docToGo.
  • Better support for DIA eg: T3, sony UX and Zodiac
  • Dates are now shown correctly for the card files. Finally!!

    Whats new in version 5.2?
  • Added support Sony Clie UX 480x320
  • Added support Palm Tungsten E/Zire 21
  • Added support Palm Tungsten T3 320x480 and 480x320
  • Added support Tapwave Zodiac
  • Enhanced backup. Can now specify how many backup copies to keep
  • Added custom wallpaper support. Use any jpg. PalmOS 5 and higher only
  • Minor bug fixes
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